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Name of Product :PCS Cargo Management System (CMS)
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Business Process & Workflow Automation

Cargo Management System (CMS)
Solution for Freight Forwarding agents, Logistics service providers and 3rd Party Warehousing Providers ...

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    CMS comprises of 4 integrated modules. Each of the modules can also function independently. The modules are:
    1. Freight forwarding module
      • Ocean/Air/Ground shipment
      • Straight/Console Import/Export/Domestic shipment
      • Sale Quotation
      • Jobsheet
      • Cargo Manifest
      • Sales Return
    2. Transport management module
      • Jobsheet
      • Receiving Order/Shipping order/Transport Order
      • Driver/Attendent Commission and Incentive
      • Prime movers/Lorries/Bonded trucks/Containers tracking
    3. Warehouse management module
      • Jobsheet
      • Receiving Checklist
      • Tally-in/Return management
      • Picklist
      • Tally-out management
      • Shipping Invoice/Packing List
      • Periodic storage & service charge calculation
      • Inventory reporting
    4. Jobsheet Billing and analysis module
      • Billing from jobsheets
      • Tracks jobsheets not billed
      • Analytical reporting